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Why Paint Your Home?

We know that you want quality painters when you select someone to paint your home. Discover the reasons why we are the choice for you:

  • 35+ years of experience
  • Affordable rates (and even lower rates for vacant rooms!)
  • Insured painters
  • Ready references
  • High HomeAdvisor reviews

We are eager to prove our worth as your exterior and interior painter. Please call us at 765-202-3017 to talk to us today.

When your home looks tired, aged, or dirty, a new coat of paint can give your home the beautiful, fresh look it deserves. If you need help with exterior or interior painting in Lafayette, IN, R&S Decorating Inc. has you covered.

Are you unsure of whether paint will help your home? Learn about a few reasons why you should believe in the power of the paintbrush.

  • Beauty: With painting, you can take a dark and depressing room and change it into a bright and beautiful one! With various colors, textures, and patterns to choose from, you have endless possibilities with paint design.
  • Protection: Whether inside or out, your home is subject to wear and tear. Paint can provide your walls a layer of protection.
  • Curb appeal: Plan to sell your home? A fresh coat of paint can provide the beautiful look people love. From first impressions as they see your outside to ways they view your home inside, potential homebuyers will often be impressed with how clean, nice, and new a home looks with new paint.
  • Property value: The better care a home receives, the better property value that home has. If you want to make more money off your home sale, then a fresh coat of paint will help.

No matter your reason for painting your home, you can rely on R&S Decorating Inc. to get the job done.